You’re wonderful.


I hadn’t seen that one coming

Like a loud snort when laughing too hard

Totally unexpected and even more unwelcome


Sucker punch

You pulled the rug

The result of an internal monologue I was never privy to

Like a listless beetle

Stuck on a window ledge

Legs flailing, but going nowhere

Half-heartedly trying to move on

Whilst wallowing in my own lethargy

Outside the world listens to 80s music and jumps up and down on pink bouncy castles

In here it’s Nick Cave and red-rimmed eyes


I’m wonderful.


I'll keep you afloat.

Whatever it takes.

The beacons are lit.
The foghorn is sounding.
The life boat has been dispatched.

I promise you won't drown.

Look up, you'll see the signal.
Lock down, there is a swimming badge sewn to your costume. (Personal Survival - Gold Standard)

Keep kicking.

Safe shores are just around the next corner.
struggling for buoyancy
maybe i rest underwater for a while
fill the lungs and hold one breath
until ready to surface again

is anybody to blame?
you, you or you?
Just remember: 'Over easy'.

A step in the right direction

For me Manhattan
For you the stratosphere


stomach, heart and head

open all hours

The rain keeps coming and I still love you. x